What we do

We are the experts at transforming spaces across London and the South East of England.

As a specialist fit out and refurbishment main contractor we deliver exceptional change for our clients – from old to new, or from nothing to something. Our dynamic team is made up of technical experts and creative thinkers, reshaping our industry through our commitment to delivering difference.


We are sincere

The depth of 
our knowledge and the breadth of our experience is an assurance of our ability to get the job done. We don’t build – we create outstanding spaces and deliver on our promises.

We have spark

We bring inspiring energy and enthusiasm to the table, tempered with experience and a focus on quality and precision.

We are optimistic

Where others may see
insurmountable obstacles, we relish the challenge to find solutions and the opportunity to demonstrate and develop our technical expertise.

A tailored experience

We pride ourselves on our unique culture and our focus on delivering quality construction in a straightforward and easy manner.

We don’t want to follow the same formula as our peers, which is why we always search for better ways to work and new ways to tackle the challenges a project team can face.

Our teams are hands-on and involved in the detail; whether your project is a fit out whilst in occupation, or a complete building refurbishment. Our construction expertise and insight adds value and enables us to lead project delivery by example. This means that whether you’re a seasoned construction professional, or undertaking your first ever change project of this scale, our team will always be clear, concise and supportive; from advising on costs, to explaining programmes of work or providing design solutions.

Our flat management structure places our senior people close to our projects so you can expect to see more of them after we are appointed than before. Our solution and outcome focus also means that we have a really talented, technical in house design team who work to support your designers by providing construction working drawings quickly and efficiently to move things along.

And we don’t have sales people. We choose to let our performance be the only way we attract more business.

Style & standards

Throughout the lifecycle of a project, we’ll be ensuring that everyone is on the same page through clear communication – we try to avoid letting our keyboards do the talking.

A huge part of our company culture is our commitment to talking to each other and our clients, either in person or on the phone. And we’ll be with you right up until the point when you’re ready to move in; having swept the floors and completed any snags in a clean and quick way.

We not only work towards the highest set of industry-recognised standards when delivering our projects; we’re continually pushing the goal posts to set the bar even higher. From utilising new technologies, to embracing innovations that enable our projects to have a smaller environmental footprint; our style is to lead where others follow.

Collaborative approach

The team at 21 have given a user-friendly experience in a collaborative approach to deliver a really successful project. Great end product that everyone could be proud of.

Nigel Whitlock, Cushman and Wakefield

Health & Safety

Our commitment to health and safety is held in the highest regard and we take our responsibility very seriously. We have a safety culture, from Director to Operative level, and our primary objectives are not just to simply avoid accidents but proactively eliminate any possible causes.

We have a comprehensive safety management system that is built on a detailed policy manual and strategic procedures, supported by regular site inspections and audits.