Safely Returning to Work

4th May 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted ‘normal’ business, how we work and will affect how we use buildings in the future.

As we return to the workplace, we all, as occupiers and responsible business owners, must consider the design of our office space before the current social distancing restrictions are lifted.

The 2 areas of change that need to be implemented are both Behavioural and Environmental change. Regarding Environmental change – the physical space of the building – areas including increased airflows, increased cleaning regimes and desk allocation must be considered. Behavioural change requires the workforce to alter their working practices through stricter clear desk policies, reduced hotdesking and a revised remote working policy.

In multi-let buildings, areas outside of the tenant’s demise must also be considered and ultimately a dialogue should be opened between building owners, managing agents and tenants. Within the common parts open to more than one tenant, high risk areas will need to be identified, as well as how the workforce can be accommodated while safely implementing social distancing guidelines. Once this has been determined all stakeholders should agree protocols and processes for re-occupancy and clearly communicate these to staff.

This short document shares some ideas and points to consider on how you can ensure your workplace is safe for you and your colleagues once the current social distancing restrictions are lifted. We hope you find it useful and we’d be happy to help you through your return-to-work process.

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