Drawing Competition at St James’s Square

18th July 2019


Earlier in the month, 21 hosted a drawing competition with Soho Parish Primary School at our project in St James’s Square, and the entries were nothing short of superb.

What were they asked to do?

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 students were given a picture of the building and asked to draw what they would make the building look like. They were asked to be as creative and bold as they wanted, after all, this was supposed to be their dream building.

Who were the winners and how were they selected?

While we had some incredible entries, not everyone could be winners. Of the 50 entries we had,  their teacher shortlisted the entries to 10 per Key Stage, from here, our trusty site team at St James’ Square whittled the list down to 5 per Key Stage (which was incredibly difficult).  It was now Head Office’s turn to make the tricky decision, and vote by vote, the winner’s fates were sealed. With just a few votes between, we now had 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for each Key Stage.

What happened next?

Next, hamper prizes were made and packaged, and given to the school in time for our appearance at their Monday morning assembly. As the high-spirited children fled into the assembly we gave a brief speech about the competition and relayed to the children just how difficult it was to pick our finalists. The winners were called up one-by-one to the stage, to shake hands and collect their hampers while their peers cheered them on.

What were the prizes?

The hampers were full of creative supplies to stimulate the children’s creativity and inspire them to build tomorrow’s future. Their gifts included stickers, drawing sets, sketchbooks, stencils, paints and drawing books.

Who were the winners?

We knew this is what you were waiting for, but we were keen to build up the suspense beforehand. From key stage 1 to Key Stage 2, here are the winners of our drawing competition!