Cat B


Project highlights

  • Occupied building
  • Unique design - BCO Award Winner in 2019
  • Build sequence

Project stats

  • Client
    J.P Boden & Co Ltd
  • Location
  • Sector
  • Duration
    52 Weeks
  • Square Ft.
  • Project Manager
    Cushman and Wakefield
  • Designer

90,000 sq.ft. construction and refurbishment of Cat A and Cat B space within existing buildings, to transform the office workspace for 500 employees.

We delivered an outcome truly reflective of the client when undertaking the refurbishment to the West London headquarters of the bright and bold British clothing brand Boden.

Using our expertise in delivering projects within occupied spaces, the works were undertaken in two phases through careful planning and communication.

Phase 1 – Conversion of existing hangar into open plan office space – including demolition, strip out works, mini piles and structural works for two additional mezzanine levels and external envelope enhancements.

Phase 2 – Following phase 1 completion we relocated staff from Boden House into the hangar space and the existing office space was refurbished.