Keith Ashcroft

Managing Director

Keith is the Co-Founder and Director of 21 alongside Paul Gaughan, and contributes nearly four decades of industry experience into the company. Responsible for overlooking all facets of the business, Keith thrives in using a hands on approach in everything he gets involved in. With a strong focus on company culture and the value of relationships, Keith provides visionary direction and leadership to ensure that, as the company grows, its values excel.

  • Specialities
  • Relationships
  • Strong leadership
  • Keeper of the culture
  • Loud suits

21 was born out of a desire to challenge the status quo. Our world of fit-out and refurbishment has always focused on simply delivering - and that's just not good enough. With 21, we want to demonstrate that remarkable people, a focus on relationships, values, customer experience and innovation can do more than deliver a great space; it delivers real change.